Tuesday, February 13, 2007

T minus 8

Staying home one more day to be mellow and make sure these buggers hunker down. Finally got our HBO on demand to work so I'm catching up on my stories (I know the Wire is the best. show. ever. but season four is seeming a little slow to me. Think this always happens and then by the fourth episode I am totally and completely hooked).

Got all my admin stuff done, spoke to the dr's office, and they found two more embryos they froze, which leaves seven in the freezer for whatever -- I have to say, the two things I was most worried about with this thing were the IV insertions and not having extra embryos to freeze so that I would have to start all over with the shots and retrival if we have to do it another time. Nothing about will this work or will I get cancer from all the follistim. Yes, I am the shallowest woman ever.

In that way that once you start focusing on something you see it everywhere, I'm seeing IVF stories all over the place. The world's first IVF baby just had her first baby (healthy girl conceived naturally), and People mag had something about a woman who conceived with one of the frozen eggs that good abandoned in the aftermath of Katrina. Can just imagine the big vat floating down the Garden district.

The sad news is that my friend R who was about two months in front of me with her second IVF cycle just lost the heartbeat on her embryo - she was about seven weeks along and when she went to the dr they couldn't find the heartbeat -- she is inconsolable right now. I think I never realized before this how many women do miscarriage, not to mention just have problems conceiving. My friend J just had her second miscarriage at 5 months, another friend's wife lost hers at 12 weeks but she's pregnant again (early -- I was having brunch with my friend and just gave him a look, and immediately he spilled the beans).

It's why I'm trying really really hard to, as I always say. Pray for land while I keep rowing for shore. Sophie/Lily in China is one path, this round is another, the eggs nesled in the fridge is another. There are so many steps in this thing and it's so easy to get ahead of yourself, making the crash so much worse.

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